Thursday, June 4, 2015

Watching Dramas before Work

Going to have night shift later today. I have started on a new Tvb serie, Wudang rules. It's an interesting show with funny characters. I'm also halfway through with the kdrama It's Okay, That's Love. 


Wednesday, June 3, 2015


It has been a cold May month with lots of rain. I hope June will be more forgiving. I don't like rainy weather because it makes me feel depressed=/ I think there's something with light that makes me happy and more energetic whenever there are sunny days. 
Well, over to this months favourites and purchases.

After trying The Body Shop's Mango shower gel I was pleasantly surprised and decided to try more of their shower gels. I purchased the Fuji Green tea shower gel. I have never tried Green tea scented shower products before, but this one is nice and refreshing. The scent doesn't fade away quickly, it lingers on the skin. That is the main reason I love The Body Shops shower gels^^

I know that I drink too little water. Since it's nearing summer it's important for the body to stay hydrated, which is why I have gotten me this cute, big bottle with a tap. Makes it easier to stay motivated to get these 8 glasses of water!

My new makeup routine and favourites:
 Urban Decays naked skin foundation for a nice and healthy complexion. 3CE magic touch face maker for contouring. Mac Brooke Shield Mortal veluxe eyeshadow for a hint of colour to the eyes.

The brushes from The Real Techniques are sooooo good and reusable! Easy to clean and they don't have any fallouts after cleansing them in water and soap.

- Mimi

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Destressing Journaling

After a long work week I spent sunday on journaling, updating my music list and take in use my newly bought washi tapes^^ 
New loose trouser from H&M. Comfortable to wear at home.

Received this yesterday*.* Bought from Ebay. So many pretty washi tapes, I had a really hard time restraining myself from buying over 10+ washi tapes T.T

I got myself two wide washi tapes. This are so pretty because there are scenery prints on them. 
At first, this one caught my eye when I was buying them, because of the snowy scenery which seemed cozy. But after receiving them I like both of them as much!

How they look when rolled out: Looks much lighterand detailed.

This looks more vivid because of the colors.

I think I'm going to buy more of these washi tapes after seeing how nice they look^^

- Mimi

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Current Faves!

My current favourite makeup and skincare routine. I'm a hauler and have alot of unused products that I have decided to start to try out now instead of letting them rotting in the closet. I need to save money and stop buying new cosmetics T.T 

I mean, It must have been a reason that I bought them in the first place xD Ehm...although I know one of the reasons is I'm easily influenced and inspired by youtube makeup tutorials. Nevertheless, I get really happy whenever I use a product that I have bought awhile ago and they turns out to deliver very good. Can't believe why I haven't used them in the first place when I first bought them!

One of my makeup pouches, stuffed with recent and old purchases.

My current favourites:
* Etude House Fantastic color eyes in Rose Garden * Urban Decay Naked skin liquid foundation - feels so weightless and great coverage (review is coming up in a later post) * NailsInc new fresh colors for spring * The Body Shop Mango shower gel - smells so nice and the scent lingers quite a while after shower, unlike other shower gels that smells nice when-in-shower but not after 
* UD eyeshadow primer

My current skincare after cleansing: 
The Kiehl's Midnight recover concentrate is amazing! Skin turns out smooth and moisturised the next morning. Their facial cream is simple but an effective moisturiser. Love this two in combo^^ I want to try more products from Kiehl's later.

- Mimi

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tonymoly Banana Hand Milk Cream Review

Received this today and it's so cute^^ haha, you might have guessed that the main reason I purchased it is because of the banana design. It's really creative of Tonymoly to make this design. Makes it difficult for a hoarder like me to resist buying it -.-

It has a sweet banana smell, not too overpowering and sinks fast into the skin without leaving a greasy, sticky feeling. It is also easy to bring with you in your handbag because of the small size.

- Mimi

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Rose Garden Eyeshadow Palette Review

I have mostly brown, neutral eyeshadows. When I saw that Etude House has released two limited spring eyeshadow palettes with vivid pink and coral colors I knew I had to get one before they got sold out.

They have two different palettes; Rose garden and Cherry blossom. I wanted both, but went for Rose garden at the end because the colours are warmer and it would suit my warm skintone better. But the Cherry blossom palette is too pretty to be passed onT.T Maybe I'll buy it later >.<
The prize is good for a palette of six colours.

The size of the palette:
 It's actually small in size and lightweight, which makes it easy take it with you. The case is made of plastic and has mirror inside. The thing I like about Etude House is that their products have girly and cute designs*.*
 The name of the six shades. All the colours looks nice. Hard to choose one favourite, but I decided to get this palette instead of the Cherry blossom palette is because of the shade Juliette, Vintage rose and Handtied.

Taken in daylight:
 Juliette is a light, shimmery pink shade that I will use for highlights, on it's own or as a base.
Honey Bouquet is quite shimmery compared to the other colours. 

Handtied, Vintage Rose and My girl are the colours I'm very excited to try! I have never used red/pink eyeshadow before because I tend to go for the neutral look. But it's always nice to try something new.

I am quite satisfied with this palette. Finally I have an eyeshadow palette with other colours than just brown:P It's perfect for spring and summer.

- Mimi

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Easter Holiday!

The days get longer, sunny and I can happily walk with my lightweight converse shoes again.
How are you going to spend your Easter? I'm going to work but it's ok since I'm going to spend the holiday with my nice colleagues and earn som extra cash for shopping saving use.

Got another one of these cute mini speakers, suitable for the Easter mood^^

My habit of writing to-do list because I have bad planning memory:P
Got this cute block from Søstrene Grene yesterday.

My spring perfume:

- Mimi


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