Saturday, October 11, 2014

Relaxing time!

The past two weeks I have been working almost everyday because I took some overtime.
I'm happy for the coming week because I have 3 days off from work, which means cozy time at home or shopping hehe...

Cravings for instant drinks! I have never tried instant teas before, but I like chai tea alot. Unfortunately, I don't like the chai tea in teabags, so yesterday I got my eyes on this spiced chai tea from Whittard. Honestly, I was abit sceptical to drinks that I just need to mix with water and milk because they tend to taste artificial. But this one is really good, like the one I buy from cafes.

It's perfect for cold mornings. The spicy scent and the warmth from the ginger in the tea is an instant warm up boost for the body. 

Now I want to try other instant teas from Whittard. They have many exciting teas on their website.

 My favourite dessert after a long week: 
Warm apple cake with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream...Mmm

Makeup of the day:
Mac mineralize in So good.


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