Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hobonichi Techo 2015

The days are passing by quickly. I have to begin Christmas shopping soon!
And after that, its 's countdown for 2015. One of my routine is to have a new diary ready for every year. This time I'm going to try Hobonichi Techo Cousin! It seems like a very popular diary among Filofax fans and diary lovers. 

I got inspired after seeing the creative use of the diary on Instagram. A search on the web shows how Hobonichi owners fill their diary with drawings, sketches and washi tapes. It transforms into an art book. I'm not sure if I will manage to be that creative, but I will try at-least to write something everyday... Aha, I can make it one of my new year resolutions.

The diary can be ordered from their website. It's based in Japan, but they send overseas. I think the shipping is a bit expensive, but the diary arrives safe and quick. Comes in a big yellow bag and is safely placed in a box. 

They have three diary versions to choose from:
- Hobonichi planner - they have an english version of this. A6 size. Daily and monthly pages.
- Hobonichi tTecho original - this is the original version. It's in A6. Daily and monthly pages.
- Hobonichi Techo Cousin. A5 size. In japanese. Daily and monthly pages.
(for more information, see their website).
I choose the Hobonichi Techo Cousin because of it's size. I feel that I need some spaces for writing because I'm kind of a ''vocabulary'' person. I use many words when I write xD The pages are in tomoe river paper which makes the diary not as heavy as an university book. 

To protect the Hobonichi, there are many nice covers for it. I wanted a ''classical'' cover with pockets but I would have to wait until mid-december for it to be shipped. I'm not that patient, so I went for a pink silicone case. It looks nice though. I got a multi colored pen and a red tissue holder <--(haven't heard about it before haha) as gift. 
I can't wait to start using it! 

- Mimi

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