Sunday, April 7, 2013

Keep Calm and Listen to Music

I have started with my last internship, at the hospital. It's different and exciting, but at the same time it's tiring.
I think it's because of waking up early in the morning and if that isn't enough, I also use all my energy to concentrate and stress with doing the right things at the hospital. At the end of the day, I feel so exhausted. Starting to sleep earlier now, trying to not go to bed later than 10 pm-.- 

On the other side, I have replaced my old Koss Porta Pro headphone with no other than Bose Quietcomfort 15=D I have longed for it for a long time, but the price kept me away from it...until now, that I decided I have to listen to music with better headphones than the iPhone ones'.

The reason I went with Bose Q15 is also mainly because of it's noise canceling feature. Sounds pretty cool, ne:P I read reviews that it works nicely on airplanes, and since I travel to China alot and the airplane sound is going to stay with me for 9h+ I decided to go with this. 

After listening to my iPhone music with it the past days, I think I made a good investment^^ 
The noise canceling works nice. It doesn't take away all the noises, I can still hear my parents nagging, but it takes away unneccessary noises, e.g. from tv, dishwasher, etc. I didn't even hear the telephone ring:P  
I would say that the music sounds clearer because disturbing noises is taken away.

However, I personally think the bass is a bit weak compared to my Koss headphones. Wished it was more powerful. But maybe it's because of the iPhone, because when I use the Bose with my laptop and change the equalizers the music sounds quite good. Still, I think it's a nice headphone and I can't wait  to use the noise canceling when I travel later this summer=P

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