Saturday, February 2, 2013

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray review

I have to start posting more reviews, since I try too much different cosmetic products. 
Since I use Mineral powder foundation, they tend sometimes to make my skin look dry or cakey. Because of that, a moisturising face spray is a must-have item for me, personally, especially in the winter.

There are many face spray with different properties. Some moisturises, while others make the make-up last longer.

I have tried two facial sprays, one from Clarins and this one. Currently I'm using this one from Clinique because it's cheaper and it's more. 

On to the review:

A facial spray that is supposed to replenish dry skin and restore moisture. It soothes and leaves skin soft and smooth feeling. Can be used over or under make-up.  It's oil free! (all this written is taken from the package). Contains aloe vera, known for it's soothing properties.

What I feel it does
When I use it before I put my makeup on, my skin feels soft and moistured. But when I spray it on my face after I have put my makeup on, I feel that it gives my skin some moisture. Not alot compared to when I use it before I put my makeup on. I like the refreshing, light feeling when I use it on my face. The product gets absorbed quickly by the skin. Doesn't leave a sticky or greasy feeling. The spray isn't very concentrated, which doesn't make it feel like you splash ''water'' on your face and be afraid that you may wash away your foundation-.- The spray covers alot so I don't need to hold it very far away from my face.

It also lasts long. I have used this everyday, for 3 months and it isn't even halfway through!

Scent: According to them, it's 100% fragrance free. I can't smell anything, so yes, I think that's right:)

Positive points
- Big bottle, 125 ml. Last for a long time. 
- Not very expensive.
- Gives light moisture.
- Feels light on the skin.
- Pink bottle :P
- Oil-free.
- Fragrance free.

Negative points 
- Moisturizes lightly, needs touch-ups during the day.

I feel it gives a light moisture, but if I spray a few more times, my skin gets pretty well hydrated. 
I think I'll buy it again, but I also want to try other facial sprays:P Positive points that it haven't irritated my skin^^
- Mimi

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