Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beijing baby!

Hello, how are you all^^?

Surprise, surprise! Blogger isn't blocked in Beijing, which means I can blog away!
Haha, it depends on if I'll get the time to do it.
I've been here for one week, and is still fascinated and wanting to explore more of the capital/city!

The whole first week I went out with the classmates almost everyday, just to explore and know the place better.
The weather is so nice here, it's either too hot or too cold, and it have been sunny for the whole week^^
We went to The Forbidden Palace, 故宫, two days ago. It such a nice place. The king is so lucky to have all that big place for himself! If I had such big place for myself I would likely invite all my friends over everydayxD
On the other hand, I was also thinking about how big difference the lifestyles must have been compared with the people who didn't live inside the Forbidden City. It must have been a whole different world.
It seemed it was so luxurious and nice living inside the palace (inspired by ancient dramas much-.-)
I took alot of pictures until the camera died on me:(
Le tickets!

Happy that the weather was so nice, but a little bit hot though...

All the roofs has yellow tiles. It really stands out against the blue sky.

Crowded, and it isn't even on National Holiday-.-

More pictures later, because now I have to start with my assignment. I'm feeling guilty that I haven't done any school work for the past days-.- I don't feel like it...because it seems like we are on holiday. Ah, I have three more months here, what will it become of me if I continue like this!? *ok, going to get away from blogger, now asap!

- Mimi

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