Saturday, August 4, 2012

Write it down, please

Got this awesome password logbook, after I ''lost'' my Moleskine address book. But guess what, I found it today-.- It was hiding in my book shelf, weird that I didn't see it when I looked over there 100+ times!

Never mind, guess I'm going to start using this now:

I was surprised to know that a such type of notebooks especially for internet passwords exists. 
Nevertheless, it's nice for those who have over 10 + online sites and passwords to keep track of without always have to ''reset'' passwords whenever you forget the old one (guilty:me). I like that this logbook has tabbed, alphabetical pages and it's in spiral binding. It's also small in size, so it's easy to bring with me although that is not recommended. What if you lose it?! I think I'll keep it home, in a safe place away from my curious sister...

- Mimi

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