Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Need to Sleep

Worked almost the whole week, and I notice that my body is getting tired from it. Walking 7 hours straight everyday, in fast-speed-.- It's almot like fitness training. I have never worked this much unlike this summer! 
But I think I have the entire upcoming week ''free'' so I can have some relaxing time for myself. 

Of course, I always look forward to the time when I'm finished at work because it means that I finally can get some rest...and EAT! I tend to eat poorly when I'm at work, the time I get home I always goes hungry-bananas. Food tastes alot better after work, always:P

I had some delicious salmon sushi after work. Missed it so mcuh when I was in China!
 Swiss Roll Strawberry taste 

- Mimi

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