Sunday, July 29, 2012

Catch up Sleep and Readings

After being busy working almost right after I came back, today and tomorrow is my day-off:D
I think it's a nice feeling when you finally have some days for ''resting'' after working several days after each other.
It kind of gives you a different perspective on what it feels like to really laze around and just take it easy, wake up late and not stress about missing the train/bus to work.

The internet connection is working again!
It's so frustrating when it takes ages to load a page, but for some strange reason it decided to behave today after being crazy for an entire week! Crossing fingers and  hoping it will stay like this...

A Book Diary; bought while I was in China. I have been searching for this kind of diary, but they are either expensive or have a boring design. I was happy when I found this notebook! It lets you keep track of books you have read and lets you write a short-review about it. It also have a quote section where you can note down favorite quotes from the novels. A nice way to keep track of favorite books. And to my surprise, it's also in english^^ 

English and chinese! And a star-rating system^^ have I spent my day-off from work? Nothing much:P
Tried to make French Toast, but it didn't turn out that well:( Nonetheless, it was good although I had to pluck away the burnt part. Ate it with peanut butter and strawberry jam^^

Watched the Olympic and read some of the blogs that I follow. Found some inspiration and I'm thinking of starting to take on blogging again, slowly but certainly. Photos taken from my trip is also going to be uploaded soon, hopefully. I just have to finish editing them.
OL-Coke glass from Mcdonalds:) I like how the pink drink combination looks good with the green glass (although pink and green should never be mixed togheter I heard

I have also started on a new Tvb-drama:) It's Three Kingdoms RPG - ε›žεˆ°δΈ‰εœ‹. Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma is playing the main characters in this ancient/modern drama. Tavia Yeung is also in this serie. The time-traveling element makes this an interesting and funny drama.
Caramel muffin - Little snack while watching Three Kingdoms rpg. 

How has your weekend been?

- Mimi

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