Monday, July 23, 2012

Finding inspiration

I'm back from China and HK^.^ I must say that I have missed blogging, but at the same time not. Kind of weird, since I was super inspired to blog before I went to China. But after one month without facebook, Youtube and blogger (because it was blocked) I have become used to not spend hours of hours in front of the compute:P

I don't feel like blogging right now, maybe because I'm tired and stressed. 9 hours + on airplane is -.-
But I promise to post some of the over 1000 pictures I took from China and HK later;) and blog about my holiday, kekek
Hong Kong

However, I'm going or I have already started to work again. Need to fatten up the wallet after spending so much on shopping and food. *sigh, a princess when traveling and pauper at home xD

What have you been up to lately?

- Mimi

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