Sunday, June 17, 2012

WIP: Nothing to Stress about...

The past week have been really ''depressing'' because of the rainy days-.- I can't stand the grey weather, makes me sad for some unknown reason:S Been home most of the week, a lazy person I am. Learning the features on my Canon g12. I'm going to write a short post about this wonder later, but not sure when that's going to happen...

I had sushi yesterday, after it have been on a long hiatus. Sushi is definitely going to stay on my favourite food-list!
Taken with g12, on colour burst mode.

And one oftd from this week:

I was in the mood for a simple outfit. The tilting lcd-screen makes it more fun to take outfit pictures^^ 

Tomorrow I'm going to get my travel vaccines. I'm kind of feeling nervous about syringes-.- 
I know they may hurt a little, nothing to worry about but I'm still nervous about it...T.T Wish me luck!

- Mimi

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  1. Cute look:)

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