Friday, March 23, 2012

A little rest from Work

This week has to be one of my busiest weeks...I had school, work early in the morning and afternoon courses. My feet are so tired, some massage would have worked (if it wasn't that expensiveT.T) and tomorrow I also have to work. At least my paycheck is going to be positive, comforting myself with planning for stuff I'm going to spend my cash on, hehe. 

The weather is behaving surprisingly good lately, it's getting warmer and the snow has melted=O I didn't think that we was going to get such an early spring, however, I don't complain=) I'm getting all happy and summer moody when spotting colourful light clothes in stores, pretty-flowy dresses, nice heels and cute shorts^^ 
Bye-bye to unflattering big and baggy jackets.

Went to the library today after school to see if I would find some interesting books. I love to read whenever I have free time, ehm, which means when I'm on the tube. Well, it's better than staring at the person sitting in front of you, awkwardness-.- Unfortunately I found just one book, the newest and most popular where already taken by other e.g. The hunger games. I want to read it because of the movie and because of the positive reviews and the story seems interesting. There's so much books I want to read, maybe I should make a book-list to keep track of them for the next library/book store visit.

Bought a lined notebook from Paperblanks today=D I have wanted at least one book from this brand because they are so pretty and really stands out compared to other plain notebooks. 
Downside is that they are abit expensive here-.- I went for this one because I liked the deep purple colour! I hope I'm going to use this book to the very last page of it, because I tend to never finish my diaries/notebooks. 
I often get uninspired or worse, find a new one-.-)

I'm beginning to be fond of this kind of style;shirt tucked in shorts/skirt.
Shorts and shirt from H&M.

Wishing you a nice weekend^^
- Mimi

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