Monday, March 19, 2012

Studying and internship abroad in Beijing, Peking University!

This weeks good news: I'm going to study and internship for 3 months at Peking University in Beijing this coming fall semester=D I'm soooo happy. Looking forward to it like a child! I'm thinking the last year at college is going to finish fast because of this and that we finally have internships in hospitals! The second good news is that two of my friends from same class is also going=D This will be first time I'm going to China with friends, so this is bond to become an awesome and happy experience^^ 

The bad thing is, well, that I have to prepare all the documents and practical things, which I feel is stressful sometimes-.- I also have to begin to plan what I'm going to bring with me and eventually buy. I'll definitely need one more memory card for the camera, because I'm planning to take alot of photos, the best way to preserve memories! Hopefully, the weather there isn't as cold as here, an excuse for shopping alot of light clothes^^ 

Thinking about this, the most important thing may be money! I need to save up alot so I may use it laterxD Only thing is I must turn myself into an workaholicO.o 

- Mimi

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