Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Opportunities!

Happy New Year^^! 
The new years eve and new year's day went too fast for me because of work, and so I didn't have the ''time'' to mingle over the last hours before new year! 

But here I am, supplying with this post and to welcome the new year, which means new blog posts!
I think I'm kind of getting hang on with updating my blog=) and I'm quite enjoying writing, which I have recently found out whenever I was writing a blog post^^ 
Maybe it's because it's more enjoyable to write something yourself choose, compared to school assignments essays >.< 

Speaking of which, the Christmas holiday is already over for me, school started yesterday-.-) I'm kind of feeling it, books and school assignments to hand in too soon-.- The postive side of it is that I got to meet my friends again^^ 

Ok, stop, I think I'm tracking off again with the purpose of this post-.- No more school talk, because this is going to be about my new years resolution! But first, some thoughts about the past year...

Honestly, I don't think I will make 2011 my year, because it happened alot of things, some good but I felt it was mostly bad things =S It's just a feeling I have about it, maybe it's because the new year week of 2011 began with much bad news, e.g. nature catastrophe, war, etc. and then again there were alot of riot around the world during the year. However, 2011 have also been learningfull and a fun year for me, especially the psychiatry internship. I also had a nice summervacation and I learned to drive^^ But haven't got the driver licence yet...hm..maybe I will make this one of my 2012 resolutions??

Now moving for 2012...
I have mixed feelings for this year...I'm glad that it's a new year, which means starting from the scratch with blank pages=D On the other side, I'm getting one year elder, which means it's just going to go upwards=( And time passes so quickly so this means I have to use my time well so I don't have any regrets when looking back, especially if the world's going to end this year-.-  Ugh, sounds depressing ne xD?

Then, I have made some new year's resolutions...hopefully I may follow them the first few weeks, but the goal is to follow them for the whole year..do you think I may manage to do itxD

- Don't be lazyT.T, do more house chores...
- Read waaaaaaay before exam!
- Eating healthier, drink more water.
- Learn to play piano with BOTH hands.
- Get a drivers license!
- Be more creative, draw/sketch more.
- Learn watercolour.
- Sleep earlier-.-
- Blog more=D

Mimi xoxo

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