Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Moleskine Diary for 2012!

I have always been fond in writing diary to keep track of the daily.
But recently, after starting to blog, I haven't written anything for hand.
Because 1) it's easier to update and write quickly on a blog, 2) you may add pictures and customize own blog template. This would be a hassle with a diary, but I have decided to keep a little, simple diary for my personal thoughts and other stuff which I don't want to post in this blog...and what better is it to start with a freshly new diary for a fresh new year^^

I ordered a limited Snoopy/Peanuts edition of the Moleskine Daily Diary Journal and got it yesterday=D
I have always loved the cute Peanuts characters by Schulz and I also had some ''school diaries'' and figurines from this serie^^ I'm glad I got this version, because it looks awesomer than the regular one... It consists of 400 pages, one for each day. The inside pages are lined so no excuse for crooked handwriting-.-
Looking forward to write in it!

Look at the cover!!

And it also came with a little address book^^ I'm going to use it to write down my passwords for different sites because the alphabetic-marking makes it easier to find them!

Do you keep a diary=)?
-Mimi xoxo


  1. Your diary is so cute! I've been trying to keep a diary for years, but I'm always either too lazy or have nothing to write about lol

    Hope you had a happy New Year's!

  2. Happy new year to you^^
    Thanks, lol, it happens to me too, especially those diaries which you have to write...I think it's much easier to keep a blog ''diary'' than a book diary xD Much easier and faster to update:P

    I'm thinking of making a new years resolution about updating my diary everyday! ^^ keke



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