Friday, January 6, 2012

Friends meet-up and new pair of shoes

After a hectic week with school right after Christmas vacation, I catched up with some good friends today. 
I really needed this^^ It felt like it was since forever we had seen each other, which is also true...but the strange thing is that although it's been a long time since last, when we see each other now it's like we have never been apart for a long time. We just laugh, conversation flows nicely and we just have fun and enjoy each others company^^ My OFTD:

There's never the awkwardness that you might feel with certain people, example new friends, classmates etc. 
Although it's possible to feel awkwardness with close friends too if you haven't seen them for awhile and then suddenly want to catch up but then you realise that something is different, something has changed. 
Personally, I think that may be a bad sign, because it may indicate that we have drifted apart from each other, but it may be fixed by meeting each other more often if you think the friendship is worth it.

I think it's nice to spend some time with people who truly care for you, be it either it's friends, relatives or family.
They may brighten you up if you have a bad day^^ 
So be sure to take care of your friends^^

Ok, then...about the next thing this post is going to be about...xD...

I bought another pair of shoes today^^ Although I don't think I need more ''winter'' shoes, but I had to have this one because it looked so cute and I was sold right away when I tried them on and they felt sooooo comfortable and lightweight=O! They were on sale too^^ One of my friend also bought a similar pair because she also fell in love with their comfortableness and look xD

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