Monday, June 20, 2011

Destination: China

I'm currently in China after a long and tiring flight trip...I know I'll always think for myself that I will not be going back to China because of the exhausting flight trip>.< Spending 10 hours on the plane is not my preferred cup of tea, but what can I do? I can only blame my parents for moving such far away from their home country-.-, Why did you have to do this?! 0.o

The weather here is very nice at this time of the year=O, it haven't getting really hot yet so I think this is a good opportunity to spend some time on shopping and going outside^^ Current temp is 23+.

After arriving in my parents hometown, we went to one of the nearby hairsalons to wash and style our hair + get some massage in order to relax. I really needed it, the massage made my tiring body and head wake up and it was nice to see that my hair is yet styleable xD It was so tangled, but they made it silky straight and curly at the bottom=D I love the chinese hairdressers^^ They really can make your hair look like the kpop, cpop celebs<3
 I have also managed to get online on my laptop today^^, after much troubling because they have never really used an apple laptop before 0.o and my laptop wasn´t in Chinese made it alot harder-.-

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