Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer in China

First of all, when I saw that Blogspot wasn't blocked, I was so happy^^ 
Keke, because I could blog about all the nice things happening in my vacation...but I guess my happiness was short-living because the next day, when I was thinking of uploading some pics onto my blog, my webbrowser slapped this message onto my face: Sorry, the web connection unexpectedly dropped, try again later. 

Aight, try again I did,  many times, but nope, blogspot didn't show up-.- I was so frustrated and sad because that means that I couldn't use my blog as a diary...sigh..and when that wasn't enough, twitter and youtube was also blocked...but fortunately they had Tudou^^ which was surprisingly as fast loading as youtube!

Now, back to the topic. China was awesome! Did a lot of shopping and sightseeing, and enjoying chinese food^^<3 

Weather: The weather this time wasn't that bad...I remember it used to be very warm..but this time it didn't bothered me...

And I can't say this enough, the chinese hairdressers are <3 They can litteraly transform your hair from worth-nothing to red carpet celeb hair*.* And majority of the hairdressers are good looking tooxD keke
I really miss my hairstyle I had in China;( Can't do it myself-.- 

Shopping: Yes, things are really cheap and many of them is not available overseas. E.g. crystal decorated iphone cases (made me wish I had an iPhone), make up brands, clothes and cute acessories^^ 

The food: I personally think the chinese food are more healthy than western food which I'm used too. No pizzas or fried fast food. I actually lost 3 kg this summer and my skin got better because of the food and weather...I ate alot of seafood because they say it's not good to eat food that make your body ''warm'' in summertime. My favourite seafood is 大溪龙虾!

I also took some photoes which I will upload later. Looking at them now, I miss my relatives very much! They were all so kind and lovely to us^^

Thinking back now, this was a vacation that I needed in order to save energy for the coming school year. The reality is coming slowly but certain, yesterday was my first day back to school=( 

Although the vacation is over for this time, there is always a next summer;) 

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