Friday, February 25, 2011

Nurse practice finally over!

Yesterday was the last day of our practice studies=)
I'm happy that I now will have more time to play piano, read and do all my favourite thingsxD You don't know how much I miss my piano! I'm going to practice, practice and practice in order to be able to play with both hands!

But to be honest, I miss the practice studies a little bit, because it wasn't that stressful. We didn't have so much assignments to do and the people there was very kind. I'm going to miss our little practice group too, but hopefully I get to see them at school^^

One thing I'm definitely not going to miss is...waking up 5.30 am every morning! It's the earliest time I ever have getting up too=O Haha, I won't ever complain about getting up 6.30 am anymore-.-

And I'm going to get ''normal'' food again because I'm going back to my parents^^

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