Sunday, February 20, 2011

Surprise Birthday party!

I'm becoming 20 today^^ I don't know if I should be happy or not, because on the one side I'm becoming old, slowly but surely=S And I don't feel or act like a 20 year old!
On the other side I may hope that my stubborn baby fat is going to melt away=D 

But lets not talk about that for now=P because I want to think about what a nice birthday I had today=) My friends made a surprise party for me at my little apartment. They had brought everything, they had baked chokolate cakes, chocolate muffin, candies and pizza and drinks=O 
Look, aren't they lovely^^And it's even written 20 on them<3

Haha, we spent the rest of the day playing guitar heroxD and camwhoring.
I'm so happy that they went all the way to do this especially for me^^ I mean, I know that I'm a kind person and all that=P, but I didn't think that they would do something like this for me! Do I deserve it?? They all have school and jobs, but they managed to make a nice birthday celebration for me! I'm lucky to have such good friends<3 Thank you everyone!!

I had a really nice birthday celebration^.^ 

Ok, now what do I do with the leftover cakes and pizzas??

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