Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Body Shop Body Sorbet review

Today's review is body shops new moisturising line. the body sorbet. It comes in 5 different fruits/berries; Mango, strawberry, satsuma, pink grapefruit and moringa. They all smells so good, really fruity. Makes it difficult to choose which one to go for! I went for mango and strawberry in the end.
According to the description on the product, it's supposed to be a light, fruity and cool moisturiser. The texture is soft and sorbet like. Nice to apply. It smells nice, and it gives a refreshing coldness feeling on the skin after applying. 

I think the strawberry smells very sweet, maybe too sweet...while the mango is in between, not too sweet or too bland. It has the right amount of sweetness:P Mango is my favourite for now.

This is a good moisturiser for summer because of it's lightweightness and cooling properties. 
Actually, I think it's lighter than their body lotions. It absorbs quickly and the cooling sensation reminds me of their satsuma body lotion. 

I recommend it if you want a lightweight, nice smelling and refreshing moisturiser for summer.
- Mimi

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