Friday, July 11, 2014

Need Some Healthy snacks to Compensate

Nothing makes me more happy than going out with friends after a tiring shift, enjoying the sun, having dinner togheter and do some shopping while knowing that it's weekend again. No need to worry about going to work the next day;P

Went out with a close friend and colleague yesterday. The Oreo Mcflurry keeping us company. 

I also have started making smoothies again. It's very refreshing for summer and a good in-between snack. I have also noticed that my skin got a healthier glow after drinking smoothies everyday. I'm not exaggerating, my parents and friends noticed it too. The nutrients from the fruits gets more easily absorbed by the body when it have been ''broken'' down to fluid form. Easier for the digestion to break it down. Another positive point with smoothies, is that you can easily blend five different fruits and there you can keep up the five-fruits-a-day rule:P
As a lazy person myself, I find smoothies a good way to get nutrients from fruits. Otherwise, I get easily full if I had to eat one fruit at time. Now I can just mix them together and drink all of it in one instance^^

Let me show you my favourite basic smoothie recipe (for 1 person):

Utensils: Blender/mixer and a cup.

- 1 banana
- 10 - 13 strawberries, depends on their sizes.
- 10 - 20 grapes, I use them instead of sugar. Gives also a more natural, sweet taste. Add more grapes if you want a sweeter smoothie.
- Some ice cubes if you want to make the smoothie cold

Blend all of the sliced fruits and berries together until they are mashed. 

The preparation

Here's the smoothie:P Nah, hehe...

The result^^

Hope you will like it.

- Mimi

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