Monday, February 24, 2014

A Happy Birthday!

A ""late"post about my eventful birthday which was some days ago. It is definitely a memorable and nice birthday because I got my driving license on that day!

Actually, I was going to take the driving test on 11th.feb, but my teacher decided to change the date to 20th because I needed to practice more>.< I was surprised when my teacher gave me the date, because it was on my birthday. I suspected that he planned it, but he said he didn't knew it was my birthday xD Hm..suspicious, but he haven't admitted to it.

I was very nervous when I had to take the practical test on my bday. I was unsure about passing, because I have slow reaction and not very confident. I also felt pressured because it was on my birthday and all my friends knew that I was having the test on that day. If I didn't pass the test, I would be very embarrassed and sad. I would remember for the rest of my life that I screwed up the driving exam on my birthday, surely it would be the worst birthday ever!

The test lasted for approximately 50 min, but it felt like forever...I just wished for it to pass quickly. So difficult to concentrate on speed, roadsigns and mirrors when you are stressed. Fortunately, the exam teacher seemed very kind, which made it more comfortable. I was so happy when he said that I passed and that my driving skills wasn't that bad^^

So the first thing after passing, I drove with mum and sis to shopping centre to celebrate and buy birthday presents....hehe...

This is what I got for presents:
A watch, D&G 3 L'imperatrice perfume (nice, fresh scent, was on my perfume-wish list for a long time), and Dior Lip Glow balm. 

Very nice and cute looking balm. Really love it. Going to review it later. 
I also got a hair straightener and curler^^ Love all the presents.

- Mimi

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