Wednesday, January 1, 2014

你好, 2014!

Happy new year! Time flies by really fast!

Looking back now, 2013 was a nice year for me with many changes and experiences. I got to exchange in Beijing and got to know my culture better^^ Got new friends, went to new places and learned alot about myself through these experiences. I also finished my bachelor in health and got a fulltime job right after graduation. Earning alot more money than working part-time is nice because you can buy more things:P I hope 2014 will be a good year too! I feel that there are lot more to come in my life now...

Since it's first day of this new year, what better is it to welcome the new year with starting something new:) Today I have started with crocheting! Or..I started with it yesterday but gave up because I didn't understand the instructions from the crochet books, but with Youtube it got alot better. I think you can learn almost everything from Youtube if you are patient and really into it.
Here's a picture of my crochet learning process (don't laugh):

Honestly I'm proud of myself haha, because I'm really not good with crafts. I have clumsy fingers-.- My sister were teasing me and saying that this is unusual of me to try something like this...I was little scared that I may not be able to learn to crochet, but with (much) patience and help from Youtube I can say that I'm starting to get the hang of it hehe^.^

Crocheting is quite relaxing because you get so into it. With nice music in the background while crocheting, I feel it's perfectly relaxing as reading a book with warm cocoa. I hope I can keep the motivation and make a cute amigurumi someday (soon), since that is the reason I wanted to learn crocheting after seeing those cute dolls on different blogs.

Good night then^^
- Mimi

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