Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: Mineral Hygienics Sheer Foundation sample kit in Light

Although I'm a loyal follower of Bare Minerals, I decided to give this a try after seeing good reviews about this foundation. What got me attracted was also that it just contains 4 ingredients. I ordered the starter kit in Light.

It came in cute package, pink sheer bag and ribbon^^ The kit in Fair is for my friend. The two shades in the Light kit are Fairly Light and Light. A full coverage kabuki brush and a simple tutorial is also included.


I tried the Fairly light shade, and it was a little bit lighter than my skin tone. The Light shade was darker than Fairly light, and turned kind of orange on my skin:S But by mixing the two shades together, I managed to get a shade that wasn't too light compared to my natural skin shade. I prefer Fairly Light compared to my Bare Minerals Light shade, because the Light shade darker than Fairly Light and more yellow. Guess it's because it's a warm shade.

Fairly Light from Mineral Hygienics has cool to neutral tones. That's the reason why it doesn't make my face look yellow xD The Light shade has neutral undertones.

According to Mineral Hygienics, a little goes a long way. And it's quite right, because at first I used much powder, and the finish wasn't very nice. It did cover, but the shade turned more pigmented, my face got paler -.-
Now, I just use a little, almost like a pea size for half of the face and the coverage is nice! I used this the past weekend, at work and after 8 hours with running around, ''sweating'', the coverage was still the same. I was positively surprised, because with Bare Minerals matte the coverage always goes away after some hours. 
The size-differense of the Mineral hygienics from the mini kit starter.

The powder is finely milled and the brush picks it up quick. Looks good if you have nice skin with few bumps. Personally, I think my skin isn't that great. I have small ''bumps'' on the T-zone and my skin tends to get dry. I noticed that it sometimes look cakey on my skin because of that, but when moisturized and using a good, soft brush the result looks nice. It also feels like you have nothing on your face, no sagging feeling :P 

Lasting power
For me, when I tested, I noticed that I tend to get shiny around the nose after 8 hours. The coverage is still nice, although not the same as first applied. Because of that, I say that it's lasting power for me is 7-8 hours.

- Few ingredients.
- Lightweight feeling.
- Free of talc, bismuth oxides.
- Spf 15.
- Good coverage.
- Little goes a long way.

- Nothing I can think of, for now:P

Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
I, personally finds the brush stiff and hard. Not good for buffing. I prefer to use the foundation with Bare Minerals flawless face brush instead.

I'm going to use this foundation now:) because of it's nice coverage and that the shade doesn't look yellow on me.
It feels light on the skin, like nothing and it contains few ingredients. However, I think I need to moisturize my skin more before I apply it. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll find this review helpful^^
- Mimi

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