Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School

I see that it's been awhile since my last post. Thanks to school. It's kind of hard to be a student, especially if it's your last year and lots of important exams coming up-.- The past days I have been on work and trying to read and memorize anatomy. It's amazing to see how our body is like an own complex society, but too bad that some of the facts are too hard to memorize >.< I use almost 1 hour on a little chapter, and even then I can't memorize all the details. Why must our body be so complex?

Some days ago I met up with some friends and tried the new bubble tea bar here^^ It is kind of weird, because I had bubble tea from KFC when I was in China, but I didn't knew it until I came back here and found out what bubbble tea is! Big shame on me, I'm a failed asian T.T Nonetheless, I think it was because I didn't like the bubble tea I ordered in China. I think it was Black Milk tea. Was definitely not my cup of tea because I though it tasted I was actually quite surprised when I saw that there are different bubble tea tastes^^ I tried the green tea with lemon, and I liked it:D It tasted sweet, not bitter like the Black milk tea, keke. I'm definitely going to try the other tastes, maybe the avocado one, hm...
Bubble Tea

And...I baked some 30+ blue muffins/cupcakes:D They're all blue...
Poor cupcakes, being baked...not

 Ta-dah! Before and after make-over;)

And finally, a healthy snack to compensate for the unhealthy (cupcakes).

- How are you? Have you started on school yet?

- Mimi

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