Friday, March 16, 2012

Week in Photos

Haven't blogged in awhile...guess it's because I'm kind of feeling little ''depressed''. I just get laidback and don't want to do anything, I also slightly lose my appetite=( Not sure why I'm not in a happy mood, maybe it's because of the spring blues T.T Nah, doubtful...hope it gets over soon because I hate this feeling!

Anyway, this is going to be a short, update post with photos! I'm kind of growing fond of these short, summary posts with alots of lots of photos^^ Don't have to struggle with blogging everyday when you can have one post for 7 days, kekeke;)

* Tried to edit some photos in Lightroom, and this is one of the results which I liked. * Raspberry cake, usually not fan of these type of cakes, but from now on this is going straight to my cake-favorite list! I think I'm having a sugar-crave again, ate an Oreo cake yesterday and I want more*.* It's like a curse, once you've tasted it you can't get enough...ugh, why must all sweet things be unhealthyT.T * The last couple of days have been warmer, but depressing because it have been I was in a manga-reading mood and picked up and finished the whole 8 volumes of one of my favourite gothic-horror manga; Godchild by Kaori Yuki. Nothing gets me in a gothic moody mood with some good gothic books, cakes and teas and the sound of raindrops knocking on window.
* A swan made out of apple:) Fruits can also become artsy!

Finally, the weekend is here again. The sad part is that the Tvb drama The Hippocratic Crush/ On call 36 Hours is ending todayT.T Last episode is airing today, and I feel always a little sad when a drama I liked is ending because this means that I may have to wait or find a new, good drama to watch...Hopefully, I think there are not going to be any bad ending for this drama^^

- Mimi

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