Sunday, February 12, 2012

Breakfast of the Day: Cheese Toast/sandwich

Hello everyone, how are you^^? Haven't blogged in awhile because of internships so here is an unusual type of post from me...I'm thinking of starting to add some recipes to my blog^^ So I'm going to start with this:

Don't know if it's named Cheese Toast in english, but that was the closest description I found when googling for example images-.- I have been eaten this almost non-stop the past days because it's soooo good*.*
Although it's certainly full of calories, but on the other side cheese is healthy because it has all the important minerals; calcium, protein and vit. that it's a nice excuse for overeating Cheese toast xD

Here's my take on this Cheese badass;)

Corn Cheese Toast recipe

- Sliced bread (I prefer Whole wheat bread)
- Butter (optional) 
- 2 or 3 slices of yellow Cheese (cover all the way)
- Corn in tin.

Spread some butter on the bread and add the corn. Then lay the cheese over, because when the cheese melts over it will prevent the corn ''getting off'' from the bread. Put it in the microwave and take it out when the cheese have melted, it takes about 1-2 min on full effect 100% (sorry for my vague microwave instructions-.-

Finally add some ketchup if you like, and eat it hot;) Be careful to not overeating though...
Bon appetit^^

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