Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bareminerals Full Flawless Face Brush review

I ordered this someday ago on Ebay, because it's like 50% cheaper than store-prices. Bought this for £10,95.
I chose this brush because I'm using their mineral foundation, and they recommended it to be used with this brush for best results, so I was curious because I find sometimes the Kabuki brush from The Body Shop gives me a little-bit cakey finish, although I'm not 100 % sure that it's because of the brush...but nevertheless I wanted to see if brushes from the same foundation brand might be much better because they are made to ''fulfill'' each other (that is what I think).

I have used this for one week now, and I must say I quite like it:)
The bristles are very soft, and they catch the powder nicely. It's like the powder is automatically sticking to the brush hair. I will say it's much better than the Body Shop Kabuki Bronzing brush.
The Full flawless brush expands when I swirl the product around the lock, which makes it great for mixing and blending the foundation. It's also easy to use for buffing. If I want to cover a large area (cheeks, whatelse lol!) faster, I just put a little pressure on the brush and it expands. This is nice for controlling how you like to apply the product, and I find it easy to use on small corner areas too, like the side of the nose.

It looks less cakey, and my skin looks smoother after applying the product with this brush^^
The coverage is also good, and buildable with the help of this brush.

Any negatives? Hm...the only thing I would put a little criticism on is that the first time I used it, one strand of hair from the brush fell off-.-) It makes me question the brush's quality, but fortunately I'm ok with it's performance so far...

So far, I like how well this brush picks up the foundation and it's blending/buffing abilities. The finish on my skin looks less cakey and it covers better. With this said, I'm not hating on my Body Shop Kabuki Brush, but for now, I prefer using this brush;) But I'm curious how this brush will be like, if I wash it once...hm...

* I washed it a week ago, and to my surprise and liking the brush is still soft and nice like new=D I have also ordered one more^^ 

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