Friday, November 25, 2011

Nursing Books, New Nail polish: Isadora Miami Blue

I got new nursing books today and I know that maybe I should have bought them at the start of my practice, but I didn't because I already borrowed the books from the library (smart, what!?). 
Unfortunately, borrowed books are not going to stay with you forever, and I had to return them yesterday (returned it today). I thought I might as well buy the books because I may need them later if I decide to have a career in psychiatry nursing. I think the psychiatry field is an unique and exciting field in the health area^^ 
The books were so expensive! I used $ 237 on 4 books-.-) There goes my savings...

Beside the books, I also got me a new nail polish! I want some change from my usually black, dark blue lacquers, so I went for a light blue nail colour this time^^ 
(sorry for the bad pic-quality-.-)
The colour is 40% lighter in real-life and I like it, although it makes my nails look ''plastic''.

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