Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Seven Sins

Ok, how many of you have tried those online tests, just to see if the results would be right? I took an test today to see which of the seven deadly sins that I'm committing, and guess what!? I got highest score on sloth o.0 I'm surprised that I got the highest score here because it's kind of right o.0 
I'm not the person who would clean the house or do housework willingly...and I don't exercise often because I get easily tired. Well, guess I have to change my laziness now>.< 

But I also got medium score on the other sins (not a good sign)...althought I don't agree with the results.
GUess that is the great thing with those test, you may chose to believe'em or not, because they're just for entertainment :p


The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on

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