Monday, September 5, 2011

Homemade Sushi

Yesterday was first time I tried to make sushi! It wasn't that difficult as I first have thought. The technique itself isn't hard to learn, but it takes time to master it. It takes 10 years to be a real sushi master, I'm afraid it may be a little late for me to start now-.-) Nevertheless, it was a fun experience and the sushi was delicious, although there were some ingredients missing. Next time I have to remember to buy avocados (takes note for myself).

The ingredients on the seaweed (nori 海苔)and the bamboo plate.

All rolled up-

My finished sushi! Scampi and salmon^^

I made alot of sushi xD Without avocado they look too plain o.0

 More sushi=P

This made me hungry again -.-,

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