Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have found the chinese version of Twitter^^ It's called Weibo, and many celebrities from China and HK have it. 

I know about Twitter, and it seems like it's everywhere on the net, but the Weibo is kind of new to mexD I have never had an Twitter account, so I think it's weird why I started with the chinese one first when my chinese is so broke that it can't even match with a 6 year old CB-childo.0 Ehm, well, I want a Weibo instead because I may...''stalk'' HK celebs :P I know, this is the result of watching too many Tvb dramas-.-

However, I managed to make me an Weibo account with the help of...Google translate, hahaxD (Now you can imagine how bad my chinese is, neh?!) I have never used the google translate before, but it works kind of well0.o From now on, I'm going to use it whenever I came across a Chinese site!

But I think I may make me an Twitter account too, because it's kind of hard to understand the whole Weibo system...but I have heard that it's not that hard to understand if you have a Twitter because  they are almost similiar to each other...

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