Saturday, March 12, 2011

Secret Garden the End-.-

I finished this drama yesterday, and as everyone else I'm going to miss it-.-
The ending was sweet^^ At first I didn't dare to finish the drama because I thought it would be an unhappy endingT.T blame it on the Little Mermaid tale which was mentioned throughout the serie...Fortunately it didn't happen, Ra Im and Joo Woon got each other!

So my after-impressions of SG is that it's a really good drama, it have everything; it's serious yet funny, sad yet happy. And the OST's! Totally in love with'em! Each of them suited the drama! My newest faves are Oska's Tear Stain and Here I Am.

I remembered the first time I heard Hyun Bin's version of ''That Man'' on YT and I didn't know anything about SG or that it was one of the theme songs from the drama...but I recall that I thought about how nice and relaxing the song was with a hint of sadness in his voice. It's not usual that I would fall for a ''slow'' song, but this song sticks out^^ So I'm glad that I got to know about this drama!

It's going to be one of my fave kdramas from now on^^

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