Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maybelline Pure Mineral Powder

Time for some review=D Decided to start with my favourite foundation;
Maybelline Pure Mineral Powder foundation.

It doesn't feel heavy on my skin, and I love that the finish is natural looking^^ Thumbs up for finally finding a shade that matches my skin after some trialxD It comes with a small Kabuki brush^^

Some of my friend didn't even know that I had the foundation onxD And when I pointed it out, she was like: ''Oh, it looks natural=O'' You can see it only if they are like, very very close to youo.O

You can build up the coverage by adding more or less powder. And it helps to reduce the redness on your face (if you have any). But be careful not to put too much on and it's important to moisturize well before putting it on because it is powder...and the powder may ''suck'' out the moisture from your skin.

The brush:
Not that good=/ Very stiff. Better to buy yourself a good one.

Finish: 5/5
Consistent: 5/5
Coverage: 4/5
Brush: 2/5
Price: £16
Overall: 4/5

I have tried liquid foundation and BB-cream. Neither of them worked out for me...the liquid foundation made my skin cakey-looking and the BB-cream irritated my skin. As for the BB-cream, I just didn't had luck to try a well-known brand and that might be the reason for it being irritating on my skin...but if I get the chance to try some of the korean brand BB-creams, I think they may be quite good for me too^^ But for now, I'm going to hold on to this because it's a pain to find one matching my skin + without looking flakey on my skin.

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