Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Winter Skincare Routine

Lately I have been obsessed with skincare and makeup. Bought too much that I want to try:-X
I think it's because of winter. I have combination skin that leans slightly on the dry side. My skin tends to get drier in winter and it's a bad combination with foundationT.T I also get blemishes so I have been searching for a good coverage foundation, but they tend to dry my skin. I also have been going crazy searching for a nice moisturiser to counterattack that. Let's see how it went...

After hauling a bit of skincare and makeup especially in dec-january, I decided to make this post to keep track of my skincare routine. I have used the products mentioned in this post for over 1 month and I like them.

Moisture regime
After cleansing I like to use the Hada Labo lotion. Have used this for almost 3 years now and it's still going strong. It's very lightweight and moisturising. But it's not enough for the winter, so I now have also incorporated the Green tea cream from Origins to my moisture routine. It feels kind of heavy and oily when I put it on, but fortunately it sinks into the skin fast. Leaves a lightweight, non-greasy feeling after it's absorbed. 

Skincare regime
I usually don't use body lotion, too lazy xD But I think it's good to also take care of the body. 
I'm currently switch-use between Origins green tea body lotion and the Shea body lotion from the Body shop. Both of these are moisturising and smells nice! Love to lay in bed with soothing shea scent. 

Cleansing regime
I always make sure to take off my makeup. I think this is a most important part of skincare. When the pores are clogged with makeup, you won't get nice skin no matter how expensive or goodworking product you use because it can't absorb it. I use a triple cleanse routine to make sure to remove all makeup once for all. I always begin with using cleansing wipes to take off ''heavy'' makeup e.g. foundation, eyemakeup. I use the Clinique take-the-day-off remover for eyemakeup. 
After that I use my go to foundation-remover, the Mac cleanse off oil and massage it gently all over the face, except the eye area. I find it non-drying and effective. Afterwards I use a gentle but good foam cleanser (I forgot to take it with me in the photo).

Latest addition in my makeup pouch:
The famous Anastasia contour kit! Got inspired by contouring videos on Youtube. I have seen many good contouring, they look like another person:-O I wanted to see if I could change my face too haha:P Unfortunately, I'm just an makeup amateurxD Nonetheless, I think contouring is fun, especially the slimming the face line and highlighting part. It definitely makes a difference. A short review of this palette will be up soon but I recommend to try it if you are into contouring.

My current perfumes:
Used alot of these two this winter. The D&G smells so good! The Juicy couture was a Christmas present. It has a sweet, playful scent. 

That's my winter skincare routine. I hope it's not alot of products I usexD But these are my long-time favourites. Tell me what you think and what are your favourite products?

- Mimi

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