Friday, August 1, 2014

Currently Watching Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain 寒山潛龍 Tvb drama

I have found a new favourite ancient drama from Tvb. It's the newly released show 寒山潛龍, with Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Power Chan, LinXia Wei etc. It's a case-solving, detective kind of drama, which I love. The show is interesting and funny. There are interesting twists and cases. 
It also seems to be a little like the show The four. In The Four, Kenneth and Selena where also a couple. It's nice to see them togheter again in 寒山潛龍. They look so cute together^^ 
Although Selena plays two different character in this drama, I like her Tao Fa character best. She is so naive and innocent, sometimes too much I guess-.-).
Beside these two, my other favourites are Lin Xia Wei and Pierre Ngo. Haha, he is so funny and I hope he in the end wins Lin Xia Wei's heart.  

Are you also watching this show?
- Mimi

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