Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hello, Spring

The sun is finally back! Sunny weather makes me happy^^  I guess I'm one of the people that risk getting winter blues. April has been a nice but busy month; just work, home, sleep or work, out with friends, shopping, home, work...
Ben Jerry banana ice cream

New ballerinas from Zara, bye bye to heavy winter boots;)

Need to find new music to take with me on traveling...

Sunny days means lots of photos in natural light^^ 

My chocolate cravings...

 Just need to hold on, because next month...which is one week until then, Im going to China^^
Going to be there for one month. It will be so nice to get some space from work and the usual daily life. Haha, I'm planning to relax to the max and take alot of pictures, try out lot of chinese food and sodas with unique taste (which we don't have here, buuh). And must not forget shopping. I pity my wallet, but we need to have a time to relax and have some joys. After all, yolo :P

- Mimi

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