Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ebay shopaholic

Lately, I have been crazy shopping over Ebay. I become a member few years ago, and bought alot of korean cosmetics then, but I realized my skin don't like Bb creams so I just stopped using ebay (yes, main shopping reason for me from there was bb creams).

But in the past week, I have shopped alot from ebay again! It all started with the weather getting colder (yes, blaming the weather), so I wanted to check out some moisturisers from Korean cosmetic brands.
I feel there are more different and special cares from the asian brands compared to western brands, e.g. snail, snake, wine ingredients.
And the packages are so cute! I bought a few masks, sleeping packs and moisturisers.

I also went searching for some cute diaries for 2014, me being a stationary fan I found so many cute ones that I had to buy them all (almost)! It didn't help with all the nice, inspirational pictures of how to decorate the diaries, which made me wanted to get a polaroid camera to take photos for my diary and washi tapes! I have to set up a firewall for ebay if I can't stop meself from going there. I used too much money this month on online shopping.

I know it's also because now that I have a job, I feel more freedom to buy things than before.

I need to save money... Ok, from my next paycheck I'm going to save 2/3 of it! Promise!
Do you also go crazy online shopping? I don't think I'm the only one, right...

- Mimi

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