Thursday, July 18, 2013

Currently Watching Karma Rider 师傅,明白了 Tvb drama

Been a long time since last time. My bad habit of neglecting blogging-.- I need to stop this-.-

So a little update to keep things up. I have started on a new Tvb drama! There are so many interesting ones lately. I finished Awfully Lawfully last week, and really liked it. I was a bit sad when the drama ended because I was afraid that maybe I had to wait a little longer for the next interesting Tvb drama to watch...

Surprise! Fortunately there are TWO interesting Tvb drama that I really want to watch...well, I have started on one already. Yep, it's Karmen Rider, 师傅,明白了. The plot seems interesting, and so far I like it^^ Its also nice to see Raymond Wong back as the main lead. And Priscilla Wong, I like her too. Her character is cute and funny.

Oh, and I must not forget the theme song! It's definitely one of my favourite Tvb theme song.
I think its really a good song^^ Sung by Hubert Wu (nice voice and cute).

Well, another Tvb drama I'm going to watch while waiting for ep. 5 of Karmen Rider, is...ta-daa...Triumph in the Skies II! 

So excited for this, because season I of Triumph in the Skies was my the drama which got me hooked on Tvb drama! And its been so long since I watched it too, I think I was still a child then and didn't understand much, beside thinking that '' How nice to be a stewardess ''! Hehe...

- Mimi


  1. What the tittle of the song from female singer who singing that song in this drama?

  2. What the tittle of the song from female singer who singing that song in this drama?

    1. Hi^^ I'm not sure which song you mean...But the singer of this song is Hubert Wu. The other song, I don't know, sorry:(

    2. The other song is sung by Fiona Fung called 幸運兒 :)

    3. The song you guys are talking about is Fiona Fung's 幸運兒 :)

    4. Aha^^ Thank you! Haha, I just watch the drama without thinking about the songs in the background-.-



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