Saturday, May 19, 2012

TBS Strawberry Body Butter review

I have recently joined the TBS wagon because I want to be kind to my skin after the drying winter weather-.-) and dry bare skin and light, summer clothes are not best friends.
Since The Body Shop is quite popular, especially their body butters, I become curious and wanted to try to see for myself what they might do to my skin. I also like that their products are natural and not tested on animals. Do I also need to mention that most of their products smells delicious! 

Well, no more chitchat, let's get right to the point: first review of my first body butter from TBS: 

The Strawberry Body Butter

I originally was deciding on buying the lemon body butter, because I like the citrustic, lemony fragrance, but to my disappointment I didn't liked the scent, so I decided to go for the strawberry body butter because it had a nice scent^^
I was lucky to get a bigger version with almost the same price as the original one. Mine is 300 ml:D hehe, more for me to use! It's intended for normal to dry skin. 

The Scent: Strawberry like, a mix of cotton candy and sweet strawberry scent. Sugary, candylike, very girlylike. (excuse the weird use of words to describe the scent) The scent lingers onto the next day and may linger onto your clothes.

The Formula: Looks solid in the jar, but once you dip your hands into the butter, it becomes soft and ''melts'' on the skin. Easy to smooth out, very moisturising^^ It took some time to sink into the skin, but although it did, I felt that it left a greasy feeling on the skin. Bearable, but I could feel that there was something on my skin if I ran my fingers over-.- Contains shea butter.

Moisture power: 5/5

Conclusion: I think this is a great moisturising body butter for the winter season, but maybe not that great for warmer seasons because of the greasiness. It smells nice and the scent doesn't fade away quickly. I will definitely try more of TBS body butters and their other products^^ 

- Mimi


  1. Despite The Body Shop being absolutely everywhere in the UK, I haven't actually tried the body butters! Personally I don't like the packaging since I don't like scooping things out of pots but I know that a lot of my friends love this product too!

    1. I agree with you about the packaging, not very fan of it. Yes, seems like this one is really popular.
      Are you maybe thinking of trying their body butters in the future^^?
      Between, I like your blog=)



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