Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Nice Week...now back to Reality!

The past week have been really nice! It was sunny for the entire week and I felt that the winter depression slowly but certainly faded away. We just finished our project and got some extra days to just laze around. 

Strawberries; a sure sign that summer's here!
Got a new, brown leather bag^^ 

Bought this on sale. These socks are so soft and cozy and...keeps my feet warm:)
Trying to be a fashion designer...hmph

New favourite lacquer - Mint Green!

OFTW (and no, I didn't wear this for the entire week, although it's just this one OFTD I have from the past week).

This is the post for now, because now I have to work with my exam-.- Got the assignment today and the deadline is on friday, so I have to hurry up! Although I'm not very motivated...


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