Friday, April 13, 2012

Those Past Lazy, No-stress Days

Easter-Break already over and back to school-.-

It's really nice to have a break in awhile, away from the stressful studies and assignments.
These past days I haven't done much really. Went shopping to buy some new, spring/summer clothes. And met up with my friends some days ago. Haven't danced that much since I can remember and it was quite nice to catch-up with what everyone's been doing lately. This also makes me think back to our high-school days when we were always togheter because we were in the same school, and made the contact easier compared to now when we have different studies at different schools-.-) But we are trying our best=)

Here are some pictures from the past days spent and to make up for my ''short'' hiatus:

Made some ''blue'' muffins, so delicious when they are hot from the oven^^

Bought this cute summer dress^^ 
- Mimi

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