Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Lickable

This is not going to be a usual review, mostly just a product description:P Well then...
Bought this a few days ago. I have never been fan of lipstick, always thought that it was for older ladies, but I know I'm wrong! This was just weirdo me thinking for myself. Since my lips are originally pale, I wanted something to give the lips a slight hint of colour so I don't look washed out. I'm too sissy to go all full colour, but I wanted a kind of pink lipstick with slightly some red colour(difficult to explain). 

As you may know, Mac have plenty of lipstick colours to choose from + the different formulas which I didn't know anything about-.-!. I didn't do any research about their lipsticks, it was kind of take-a-chance-buyxP I tried some of their nudes, but didn't like them although the SA said they were quite popular, but nah, don't suit my taste.
After spending almost 15 minutes picking and testing different colours on my hand, there was one that caught my eye! I tried it on my lips and liked the colour! It wasn't pink and wasn't red, a kind of hot pink colour, and that was the colour I was looking for. The name is questionable, Lickable. According to their online site, it's a bright blue-pink colour. For me, I think Hot-pink best describes the colour.

Taken in daylight.

I'm glad that I managed to find a colour that I wanted and didn't make me look ridiculous. And I must shamefully say that I'm quite proud of myself that I managed to find the colour I was looking for, and in addition to that I didn't went wrong with the formula without doing any research beforehand or past experience with lipsticks! Out of their 8 different formulas I picked the cremesheen formula which is suitable for dry lips because of their creamy formula. Although I must say that I can't use this alone without a lip balm underneath. The colour is sharp and clean, very pigmented. But I prefer to use this as a lip tint by dabbing it lightly on my lips with my fingers or put it lightly on=P
Sry for the poor quality, but this is close to how it looks in reality.

Over to the lipstick:

Colour: Hot-pink kind of. Sharp and pigmented. 
Formula: Creamy.
Lasting power: Good, but may tend to smear off on cups, etc.

Overall, I have only tried this lipstick from Mac, but seeing good reviews about their lipsticks on different blogging sites I think this is not going to be my only lipstick from them. I'm thinking about trying their Lustre or Amplified formula because I have heard that they are moisturizing and well-pigmented. There's also a colour that I already has my eyes set on; Speak Louder. I think it's a slightly lighter colour version of lickable. May check it out next time I'm going to a Mac counter.

- Mimi

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