Sunday, February 19, 2012

New bag and Essie Polishes

Hello everyone, how has your weekend been^^?
I went shopping yesterday with my sis. Bought some cosmetics and a new Bare Minerals Matte foundation because I already used up my old one=( I was kind of sad at first because I bought my old one on discount, almost half original price, but unfortunately it's not on discount now AND I need it badly for covering
so I had no choice but... fortunately they had a special offer where you got a free brush with you if you bought a foundation from Bare Minerals=D So I wasn't that depressed when I bought itxD I guess I was kind of lucky.
The SA was kind and gave me some samples=)

I finally managed to find two handbags which I really like and may be used for school, job and shopping^^

I fell in love with this one when I first saw it on their website, and I was happy that they had it in store, so I bought it asap! It looked larger online, than in reality, but I like the colour and the ''leather''. Love the little pocket in the front, now I know where to find my phone and train tickets;)

I like the size of this bag and that it has alot of pockets which is handy when I have sooo much unnecessary stuff with me-.-

Bought me two nail polishes from Essie because they were on discount=D I have never tried their nail polishes, but I really like their variety of nice colours, especially the pink ones, but too bad my hands doesn't look good with pink nails, however I went for an opaque white and a navy, dark blue nail polish! I have always wanted to have a dark blue nail polish.

The dark blue (Aruba Blue) from Essie, I tested it when I got home and it looks so shiny, bright and nice!
I love this colour<3 tried to find it from the OPI at first, but the shops here don't stock this colour so I was happy when I saw that Essie had it=D This is going to be one of my fave nail colour from now on.

These are from H&M! Love the sparkling one, because I can use it as a top coat if I want to ''sparkle up'' my lacque;)

Used alot of money today...but there are still some more stuff I need to buy before I let my wallet restT.T
My Clarins Make-up Fix Spray is also empty and I'm planning to get a new one on monday...speaking of my birthday=D keke, mum is going to get me a cake, so I'm looking forward for it, lol xD
Haven't eaten a cake for sooo long because I'm kind of on a diet now...cutting out the ''bad'' food. I miss to eat chocolates, pizzas, cakes without feeling guilty =(


Well, well...wish you all a still nice weekend;)

- Mimi

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