Saturday, January 14, 2012

Works for everyone...except me?!

This is a classical situation I think most of us have experienced-.-
Reading all the awesome raves about a product, and then when you try it yourself, the result isn't as near as what the others claim. Dissapointed=( you throw it away and decides that you'll never listen to those reviews again...until next time the same things happens, again.

See a new product + some good reviews = want to try it ASAP! and gets dissappointed (again)...(anyone recognise?) Although, this is not always the case, because I have found some great products that I didn't even knew about, until I read some beautyblogs.

However, I think it's worst for one who is suffering of acne, because you desperately want to get rid of them, and wherever you have heard that a product works, you try it immediately.

I was like that too before, spending so much money on products without a glimpse of being critical to marketing words and reviews. Fortunately, I'm not like this anymore! I have found out that some products may work great for others but not me, is not because they hate me. It's because each of us have different skin type. Although you might have a friend with the same type of skin like you, e.g. oily-skin it doesn't mean that you may copy her regimen without being a hint of critical. Some of us may have skin that is sensitive to a certain type of ingredients/chemical. I had a friend who tried Benzoyl Peroxid, and the next day her face was all red and bloated. The doctor said that it' was too strong for her skin, so she stopped using it. However, BP works great for others.

Here are some tips and advices which might be helpful, and yes, I do follow these myself;)

- I think the main clue is to find out what your skin like and what it hates.
One way to find out is by testing out different products. Another way is do some research and find out ingredients that most people may react on, e.g bismuth oxychloride.

- Don't have very high expectations for a product, because the chances are that you're going to be very dissappointed if it turns out that it didn't work. Low expectations = low dissapointments=)

- Read some reviews and do some research online, books, magazines before deciding for trying a product, especially if it's very expensive!
I find Makeupalley and beautyblogs a great help when I'm uncertain or want to know more about a beautyitem.

-If you find a product which doesn't work for you, try to find out if it's because you are sensitive to some of its ingredients, because sometimes the chemicals in the product reacts with your normal skin flora.

- Sometimes, you have to use it for at least one month to see some results.

- Don't try too much different products at once. Let the skin rest.

And that's all for now. Sorry for my broken english>.<

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