Saturday, January 21, 2012

Going to China this Summer + photos from the last vacation in China

The planetickets are booked and I'm once again looking forward to summer=D
We're going to China and Hong Kong*.*

Honestly, I need this trip right now! It's been snowing crazily today and it's soooo cold outside-.-
Instead of being depressive about it, I got through some photos I took in China which brought back nice memories^^ I decided to make this ''random'' post with some pictures of things I got from China the last time I was there (bcuz I haven't posted about it then) and to remind me of what I'm going to look forward to:D kekeke...

First of all, some pics of my buys: 

Love at first sight when I saw this bag! I love the colour combination, although some might think it's too much...
Close-up shot:P

The delicious cakes and snacks which is soooo cheap there*.* I'm going to eat so much pocky, biscuits, candies and I might make it a goal to try almost all the cakes that there are in our nearby bakeries! It's just 50m away from my house, kekeke..I'm going to be sooo unhealthy-.-

 Pocky^^ My fave is the banana flavour, but don't have pics of it-.-

So cute cake-box^^
 Chocolate cake! 
There are so many different beverages, shakes and sodaes that they don't have here-.- On eof my faves is this one (image) Oats milk. I also love the peanut and walnut milk, but I didn't take pics of it...

 Chinese bubble gum packagexD

And...then, shopping and lurking around the big cities! My fave is Shanghai, but this year might aswell be Hong Kong too, kekeke...If you have been there, you might know where this is^^: 

Can't wait for summer to come! 

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