Monday, December 5, 2011

My search for pimple-less skin!

I didn't even bother about skincare before I hit the teenage years and began to get those beautiful zits. 
As I see it, there are not many people who are found of them. Almost everyone freaks out when they get a pimple and for those unlucky ones (me) who can't seem to get rid of them or find the exact root of what is causing them to flare up like only hope is searching for products that may help to get rid of them or eating special kinds of food. Sometimes when I see my self in the mirror, it have made me so desperate to get rid of them, that I'm willing to try almost every method, products and diets out there in order to get back my flat, without-bumps skin from my childhoodT.T 
Now I'm regretting that I took my skin for granted when it was all fine...

Therefore, I'm thinking of writing and record my trials and fails 
in my journey of getting a healthy skin for later reference use. 
These posts are categorized as: A search for healthy skin.
I think it may be funny and useful for me to see the obvious fails that I didn't even noticed at that time, 
and of course it's also nice to see what have worked and still works for my skin! 


  1. This is a really good idea!! If you find anything that works let me know!!! >.<

  2. Thanks^^ Seriously, your skin looks nice>.<
    But, yes, will let you know=)



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