Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Break^^

Finished my last exam today and handed in my semester-assignment.
Now I may finally rest, yay^^ The last week has been stressfull. I had to really push my brain for reading all the piles of rexam books-.- I got tired in the end and didn't sleep well yesterday. Kind of tired now, but happy that I can relax and just enjoy the pre-christmas time!

Went shopping with a good friend of mine after school^^ Haven't really shopped the past months, can you believe it!? Internship really takes up alot of time-.- Glad it's over...for now anyway.

I bought me a new, lighter shade in the Bare Minerals matte foundation range, because the one I have now (Light) is more yellow and a little bit darker than my skin tone, although it's hard to tell unless you're zooming in xD

How weird that my skin shade changes so fast, it haven't been two months since I bought it>.<
Fortunately, I may use it in the summertimes. The lighter shade I was thinking of getting was Golden Fair because I have a yellow undertone, but when the SA tested it on me, it was too light-.- So she gave me another one, Fairly Light, which is one shade lighter than Light. It looked good in the shop, so I hope it matches my skinshade (haven't tried it after I got home, too lazyxD May try it tomorrow) as it did there...
The thing that bothers me is that the Fairly Light has a neutral undertone. I'm not sure if it will make me look washed-out because of my yellow undertone, but the SA said that I don't have to worry about that because it has yellow in it=S Well, I'll see tomorrow then when I test it out...

Well, well, for this Christmas break, I'm planning to:
- Shopping^^ (received my salary some days ago!keke)
- Take more pictures AND upload them!
- Draw or paint something, haven't been creative for so looooong>.<
- Clean my room, wardrobe, bookshelf...
- Just de-stress

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