Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trying Out New Mineral Makeup

I decided to try out some powder foundations because I desperately wants to cover those red,dark marks I have after those pimplesT.T Nontheless, with me having to wake up 5 a.m everyday now, I do wish to look more ''awake'' throughout the day. 

My skin isn't excactly friends with liquid foundations because they tend to make my skin look flaky and uneven-.-) Not pretty at all------

Therefore, I decided to take a look on some of the new powders out there with my sis because it feels like I haven't done it for ages after I cut using makeup for 1 year ago!

I was thinking of buying foundation powder from either Dior or Chanel. I liked how the Chanel Vitalumiere powder felt and looked on my skin. It didn't look cakey and it felt light on my face. The only downside is it's ingredient list. It does contain talc, which may clog the pores. Beside that, it also contains dimethicone and alot of other ingredients. I prefer less ingredients on my makeup because I feel like more ingredients = risk for irritation. (That's my theory). The Dior powders also felt nice and light on the skin, but the ingredients and the price made me uncertain of buying it...

In the end, I wanted to try the bareMinerals matte foundation after some researching on the web which said it's a new formula which doesn't has bismuth oxychloride. And it has gotten some good reviews from acne-prone people, although there might be some mixed reviews too.

In the past I used to use Maybellines Pure Mineral powder foundation, which contains bismuth oxychloride. At that time I didn't cared much about the ingredients in my makeup, because all I cared about was it's finish result. How my skin looked after applying it. Honestly, my skin looked good with the Maybelline powder... I can't remember that my skin reacted badly to the Maybelline Mineral powder although it contained bismuth. But I noticed that my skin got somehow grey and I looked washed-out after I removed it o.0 That's why I stopped using it and just decided to let my skin heal itself because I was sooooo sick of these acnes!! 
I can't believe that I was brave enough to let my skin go all ''nude'', not covering all the blemishes! My skin looked awful that time! Riiight..., enough of the past-experience rant xD (Save it for another time)

Fortunately, there was easy to find a shade which suited my skin^^ I was so happy because the shade looked nice and really blended in with my skintone! No dark-line on the neck! 
I remembered when I tried to find a shade from the bareMinerals original formula and the SA had to mix two(!) shades from the range in order to find a suitable shade for me-.- The result was me not buying, beause I don't like to mix things, it makes me nervous...because I'm afraid of getting either too dark or too light shade. I can't even mix watercoloursT.T

But today's SA managed to find a suitable shade for me^^ I got the W15 Light. I was surprised that I got a light shade, because I always thought that I have a medium, yellow/beige shade=S Guess I was wrong, or maybe because it's winter and my skin have gotten lighter=D

Either way, I like how the foundation looked on my face, but I'm going to use it more, in order to get an overall view of it. I want to find out if it's as good as the rumours says it is.

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